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Revelation 101 Resource Descriptions

Books and list of materials for your own Revelation 101 sessions.

7 Keys for Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation 

This 75-page booklet explains why so many people have different
perspectives when it comes to the Book of Revelation as well as why so
many people avoid this last Book of the Bible. Instead of personal biases
or traditional interpretation, this method of Bible study taps into four basic
rules for interpreting any Book in the Bible, and then three unique keys for
the enigmatic Book of Revelation. Church leaders find this short booklet to
be a helpful personal preparation for a Revelation 101 series in their church.
The content of this booklet forms the basis for the first two sessions of a
Revelation 101 seminar, which puts church leaders a step ahead of the rest of
the group, making the leaders a potential source of further discussion during
the studies.

Cost: $7.77

Participant's Guide

This 134-page workbook provides a wealth of information for participants in
a Revelation 101 series, whether that’s in a seminar setting or a small group
Bible study. This resource is not a “stand alone” book but functions more like
a companion piece. Participants find it helpful to have some of the content
already printed so note-taking can be supplemental. The wide margins and
spiral binding makes it convenient for taking notes during the seminar. The
layout comes in 10 sessions to match the Revelation 101 presentations.
Discounts are available for bulk orders of 10+ or 100+ copies.

Cost: $9.95 (for 10+ the cost is $8.95 each; for 100+ the cost is $7.77


Presenter's Manual

This manual contains everything a presenter needs to conduct a Revelation 101 seminar.  It has been designed as 10 sessions, 90 minutes each.  You can adapt it as you choose since the files are in Word format and you can edit them and print as personalized hard copies.  The thumb drive is loaded and includes for each session:

1. One-page brief outline

2. Full outline (5-7 pages)

3. Verbatim ( a word-for-word presentation of the entire session)

4. PowerPoint slides (Keynote for Mac)

5. Deeper Study materials

6. Participant’s Guide

7. Program preparation materials and guides


The first two sessions contain the guidelines for presenting the Book of Revelation so the Bible becomes its own interpreter (an exegetical approach).  The remaining eight session present each of the seven segments of Revelation, with two sessions devoted to the focal point at the center of the book.  Take the materials on the thumb drive as use them “as is” or personalize them for your own presentations.

Cost: $149.95


Is it possible to find Jesus in the Book of Revelation. While the opening line states that as its purpose, countless people over the centuries have focused on anything and everything except for Jesus. Take time to re-focus and you will see clear and overpowering disclosures of Jesus Christ. Instead of starting with sensational headlines from today’s news, start with what God already revealed in the past. Consider the historical and also the literary context. Pray for God’s guidance as he reveals the Christ of the book. Worship and adore the Lamb as well as the King.


The first two chapters in this book explain a new way of reading the Book of Revelation, but it’s actually as old as John’s original writing. The remaining chapters take each of the seven sections of Revelation, presenting a basic commentary for personal study. The content of the much longerRevelation 101 Presenter’s Manual has been reduced to just 180 pages in this basic commentary on Revelation. Read it on your own, share it in a group, pass it along, and put yourself in the picture with the Revelation of Jesus Christ.


Cost: $17.00

Small Group Bible Studies, Part 1

This series, based on the seminar Revelation 101: Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation, covers the same material for small groups. This set of seven sessions is the first of seven sets of seven sessions. These engage small groups in study, dialogue, interaction, and the application of Revelation to life because they focus on finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation.


Cost: $7.77 (discounts for quantities)

Revelation Double Resource

Two new Revelation resources have been combined into one, spiral-bound booklet. 


One side, called Another Look at Jesus, serves as a follow-up to “Revelation 101: Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation.”  These follow-up studies explore 12 topics in Revelation rather than the verse-by-verse style utilized in “Revelation 101.”  The 12 topics are themes throughout Revelation and can be used individually, in small groups, or as a church.  Following the 12 studies are the teacher’s guide for all 12 studies.


The other side of the book, called That’s My Jesus, is a chapter-by-chapter study of Revelation designed for small groups.  The relational emphasis of these studies depends on an active Holy Spirit rather than a Revelation expert to explain each chapter.  Discussion questions include prompts from which to choose potential answers that spark discussion and personal applications.


Cost: $7.77 (discounts for quantities)

Revelation Coloring Book for Children

This coloring book goes with the 10-session series called Revelation 101: Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation by Steve Case and Daniel Wysong.  Milton Coronado created the artwork in this collection.  Anca Gavril did the layout.  Each of the 10-sessions includes one blank page for kids to create their own Revelation artwork from scratch, followed by three pages--each with a brief summary statement about Revelation passage and artwork to color.


Cost: $5.95

Revelation Coloring Book for Youth and Adults

This coloring book goes with the 10-session series called Revelation 101: Finding Jesus in the Book of Revelation by Steve Case and Daniel Wysong. Anca Gavril created the artwork in this collection. Each of the 10 sessions includes one blank page and three pages with Revelation passages and artwork to color. Because the Book of Revelation came to John in vision, pictures are the way John originally experienced it. It might be the best way for you to experience it, too.


Cost: $5.95

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